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Maternity & Postpartum ButterSoft Pants (C-Section & Natural Birth friendly)

Maternity & Postpartum ButterSoft Pants (C-Section & Natural Birth friendly)

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Top-rated maternity pants designed to be used after birth. Our favorite every-day wear pants designed specifically for women sick of leggings, jeans, and giant over-the-belly waist bands. 


  • MaternityStretch:  Our ButterSoft line is designed for peak pregnancy / postpartum comfort. Created to adapt to your body through pregnancy.
  • Natural birth / VBAC: Extra space down below for large healing postpartum pads and underwear.
  • C-section: Specifically-designed light waist band that can sit below or above your incision post-surgery. Plus, extra space down below for large postpartum pads.
  • Exclusive ButterSoft fabric blend: Our custom fabric blend for the softest comfort and functionality. 
  • Tapered legs with cuffed ankles: Create a sleek and stylish silhouette.
  • Deep side pockets: Perfect for holding your essentials on the go. 
  • Easy-Care: Machine wash cold and tumble dry low with similar soft fabrics.
  • Guaranteed comfort: Floats over your skin instead of plastered to your skin.

🚫 No wide, constricting over the bell bands
🚫 No tacky strings - elastic band that does the work
🚫 No tight legs / constricting legging-style feeling 

Our ButterSoft Maternity & Postpartum collection is a versatile essential for any maternity / battle-ready mom wardrobe. Rated "Best daily-wear pants to be worn after birth" by both Natural Birth and C-Section moms.

    Shipping & Returns

    🇺🇸 Free shipping in the continental USA for all snow pant orders.

    Priority shipping via USPS with tracking.

    🇨🇦 For Canadian-residents: We ship via USPS as well we've heard that USPS is the preferable carrier from the US. We pitch in a portion of the shipping cost.

    We aren't happy unless you're happy!
    Returns: All ButterSoft pants come with a 14 day money-back comfort guarantee for all unused pants with original tags.
    Exchanges: Free exchanges with free shipping.


    Made from our exclusive ButterSoft fabric blend. A stretchy fabric that floats on your body like silk minus the wrinkles of silk.

    A proprietary blend of 90% polyester 10% spandex.

    Note: Because we did not do extra treatment on this fabric blend for our softest stretch, we recommend washing with like-soft fabrics / delicates.
    Similar to any fancy outdoor clothing you may have (such as merino wool), please keep out of contact from velcro (we wear baby carriers so are careful not to let them get in contact).

    Please refer to our Care Instructions below. :)


    We made the handy chart below to help you select the right size.

    Model 1: (blue jacket) Wearing a size small.
    5'3", 100 - 125 lbs
    Model 1 says that Small or Medium fit well.

    Model 2: (white shirt) Wears a size Medium or Large.
    145 lbs, 5'4"**

    **If you're any taller than 5'6", these will fit more like capri pants than entire-leg pants.

    ** If you're shorter than 5'0", pants will fit thanks to the light-leg cuffs, there may be extra fabric but leg cuffs ensure they don't drag.

    Sizing questions?
    We can help 😄 
    Simply text a photo or details (weight/height) of your size to us at: (509)599-1945 and we'll get back to you with a recommended size ✨ (Note: We will delete any photos / details after.)


    Care Instructions

    - Wash with similar delicate clothes, no velcro, no zippers, in cold water
    - Tumble Dry low with like-delicate fabrics

    Please remove towels, jeans, or other heavy-textured fabrics to reduce chances of pilling.

    - We also sell SmoothWash Laundry bags which help save the life of not just these pants but also any other delicates you may have! (A trick we learned living in Japan, land of meticulous care and hand washing.)

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    🏆 "Best investment during pregnancy"

    From the creators of the original maternity snow pants, comes our newest all-season collection: Our ButterSoft line.

    We've personally added functionality that we wanted when we were pregnant and after birth. (Esp as one of the members on a team had a C-Section and couldn't find any good pants that wouldn't impact the incision point.)

    🏆Our goal when we set out to create these:

    1. Reliable comfort: Usable during and after pregnancy. No more squished bellies, tight jeans, or bloated feeling / fullness.
    2. Easy Sizing: We got as close to "One size fits all" so you don't have to stress about fittings and precision!
    3. Versatile use: home, outings (we like wearing them under our dress shirts), outside, with the kids, traveling, and more!

    After a number of prototypes and real-world testing we outfitted these, our first ever, 4-way stretch, maternity & postpartum pants that we guarantee will be your comfiest pants.

    🤰🏻Trusted by expecting moms in 30+ states and 8 canadian provinces / territories. 💌

    "Wish I had these for my first pregnancy!"
    -Mandy T., CA


    Do you sell on Amazon?

    Our clothing is exclusively sold here and shipped directly from us to your door.

    The reason we don't sell on Amazon is 4-fold:
    1) For quality control
    2) It allows us to offer you a better rate by cutting down on fees / double shipping.
    3) Ability to check in and take notes on yours & other's feedback (also helped us greatly for fitting ideas - Thanks to all those who volunteered!)
    4) Ensures top-quality

    You may also notice when you buy things on Amazon, or even search, you'll get varying results and questionable quality / unknown practices.

    We inspect each pair in person. That way we ensure sure you get a high-quality, consistent experience!

    I’m tall will these fit?

    For women over 5'6" these pants may be more in the capri-pant area on the leg. We've included photos of taller models as well just as a reference.

    Thanks to the soft leg-cuff design, they should still work well for daily wear and maximum comfort.

    We haven't heard any complaints yet, just a note!

    I'm short will these fit me?

    The founder is the shortest one on the team at 5’2” and they fit her well thanks to the soft leg-cuff that ensures no drag to the pants (unlike other pant designs that may drag / easily get caught.)

    I need them by ___ date, can I get them by then?

    Simply email us or send us a text / WhatsApp message at: +1 (509)599-1945 and we'll get back to you on how fast we can get them to you.

    Will you have a Labor Day / Black Friday /other sale?

    We are currently offering these at our sale price. At the moment we don’t have any plans for an additional sale price since we’re on razor thin margins (turns out starting a new product with low batch orders is hard).

    We do have a program in the works for moms experiencing hardship / income restraints this season. Text / WhatsApp us and ask about our “No Cold Moms” program (originally designed for our maternity snow pant line).

    The good news - If you order today or pre-ordered no need to worry about missing out!

    Pants so versatile you can use them for almost any occasion.

    • Daily-wear
    • Lounging
    • Work 
    • Stretching / yoga
    • Running errands
    • Relaxing at home
    • Traveling
    • Sleep
    • Nauseous and trying not to explode at partner / other bystanders

    14-Day Comfort Guarantee

    We're a small business based in the USA that stands by our pants-- Because we wear these pants ourselves daily. Even and especially after pregnancy.

    Need another size? No problem! Free exchanges.

    We aren't happy unless you're happy - We guarantee you'll enjoy wearing your ButterSoft pants and offer a 14-day money back guarantee for unused pants with original tags in place.

    • ✨✈️Free Shipping in the USA

      We cover all ButterSoft pant purchases with free, reliable USPS shipping to your door (usually 2 - 8 days, depending on your location).

      Live in Canada? We have shipping discounts for you.