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Powder Pants

Maternity & Postpartum Snow Pants - Powder Pants®

Maternity & Postpartum Snow Pants - Powder Pants®

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The Original Maternity Snow Pants, Powder Pants ®, designed to be worn during and after pregnancy. 

♨️ Versatility, comfort, warmth, and mobility for pregnant and postpartum mom life. 

🌲❄️The only high quality snow pants specifically sized and outfitted for and by moms ready to enjoy the outdoors again.

* Update: For 2024 winter batch, please sign up above as it will help us estimate how many we should make (100% free to sign up) and we'll let you know when our fresh batch is ready!

Feel free to WhatsApp / text us at +1(509)599-1945 or email if you'd like to order / want more details.
☃️ Thank you for supporting our small business! 

3 Technical Fabric Layers (industry 2L standard, double layer, for outdoor winter wear)

  • Wind-proof exterior coating on a polyester outer shell 
  • Mid-lined polyester insulation 
  • Smooth inner membrane
  • + Zippered hand pockets keep personal items secure

Especially crafted for all your trimesters.

⭐️ Designed, Fitted, and Tested in the USA 🇺🇸
🤰🏻Small business based in the USA 🇺🇸
US: 2 - 4 days priority shipping,
Canada: 4 - 8 days priority shipping for Canada,
International: Varies depending on location

🔍 Includes a 5-point inspection on EVERY pair before we ship them to you.

Shipping & Returns

🇺🇸 Free fast shipping in the continental USA for all snow pant orders.

Priority shipping via USPS with tracking.

🇨🇦 For Canadian-residents: We ship via USPS as well we've heard that USPS is the preferable carrier from the US. We pitch in a portion of the shipping cost.

We aren't happy unless you're happy!
Returns: All powder pants come with a 14 day money-back guarantee for all unused pants with original tags.
Exchanges: Free exchanges with free shipping.


3 layers (2L industry standard) technical polyester fabric for warmth and insulation.
Outer Shell: 100% Polyester
Inner Membrane: 100% Polyester


We made the handy chart below to help you select the right size.

Model 1: (Striped long sleeve) Wears a size Small.
Model 1 says that an X Small would also fit, but be more snug.

Model 2: (Tank top) Wears a size XL.
200 lbs, 5'6.5"**
Other known details on XL: 170 lbs we've heard also works well.
Model 2 says that 2XL would be better suited for someone who is taller / larger.

**If you're any taller than 5'6" please reach out to us as we want to make sure the height works.

Sizing questions?
We can help 😄 
Simply text a photo or details (weight/height) of your size to us at: (509)599-1945 and we'll get back to you with a recommended size ✨ (Note: We will delete any photos / details after.)


Care Instructions

- Wash separately with cold water
- Lay flat / hang on surface to air dry (as with most water-proof fabrics, similar to wool, it's best to let them air dry. We have heard of people tumbling on low separately but it's not recommended)

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⛷Warmth & comfort by outdoor enthusiasts

Our team of moms loves the outdoors, and for those few on our team who live in cold climates that wish we didn't--
We at least love being warm when dragged outdoors / out there for work! 🌨

We've personally added functionality that we wanted when we were pregnant and after birth.

🏆Our goal is to offer the best (and only) snow pants tailored for you-- A strong woman making the next generation.

The last thing we need is to be freezing our bums off!
Not just for a weekend fling outside but pants that you can wear during and beyond pregnancy.

❄️ Purchased by expecting moms in 30+ American states & 8 Canadian provinces / territories. 🌎 ❄️

"Was so nice to finally have snow pants as a pregnant person!"
-Ashley M., GA


Do any other maternity snow pants exist?

When we set out on this project there was nothing specifically designed for pregnant women who wanted actual snow pants.

We've tried other bibs and pant designs but when we tried them they were tight in the belly, tailored for men, poor quality (one even had great reviews but then it had this super high-riding crotch and we're not even tall), and not truly fitted for maternity / postpartum.

It was painstaking work but we did our best to do fittings, worked with experienced moms who have maternity fashion experience, and more.

We are also working on a v2 with our partner factory and hope to have that out soon (for example, we've had a LOT of conversions about buckles and straps - something we never thought twice about until working on designs and prototypes...)

Do you sell on Amazon?

At this time we don't sell our maternity snow pants on Amazon.
The reason is 3-fold for our maternity snow pants:
1) For quality control
2) It allows us to offer you a better rate by cutting down on fees / double shipping.
3) Ability to check in and take notes on yours & other's feedback (also helped us greatly for fitting ideas - Thanks to all those who volunteered!)

You may also notice when you buy things on Amazon, or even search, you'll get varying results and questionable quality / unknown practices.

We inspect each pair in person. That way we make sure you get a high-quality, consistent experience!

I'm ___ lbs, can you recommend a size?!

Yes! Here are notes from other expecting moms (thanks to all those with their help!)
Every mom is different but we hope this helps a bit!

X Small
100-125 lbs pre-pregnancy / postpartum moms / those who will be in the snow / cold only early in pregnancy.
(Note: People usually go with the S if they're in this range simply as that one has more room for growing.)

110-135 lbs pre pregnancy tend to go for S. For people in this weight range it's the most popular option.

140-160 lbs pre-pregnancy tend to go to M

160-175 lbs pre-pregnancy tends to go L

X Large
175-200 lbs pre-pregnancy tend to select XL

2X Large
230 lbs pre-pregnancy tends to select 2XL 

I’m tall will these fit?

Here is feedback from some expecting and new moms:

  • I’m 5’6 and these are too short. Width is good but too short (Medium)
  • I’m 5’6.5” and they fit. I adjusted the strap (XL). 2XL was too long and 1XL was also a bit long on me.

Both the M & XL have similar inseams.

Our inseam is the standard inseam women's snow pants. S - XL have similar inseams.
XS is ~1" shorter and 2XL is ~1" longer.

Hope that helps! 

I'm short will these fit me?

The founder is the shortest one on the team at 5’2” and they fit her well when the shoulder strap is tightened.

The inseam is similar to other brands of women's snow pants. She has previously wore the same inseam in other brands as these (XS - S).

When going barefoot, they are ~.5" on the ground but with boots they didn’t drag. When she skis (pre/postpartum) this size inseam is a great length for active-wear boots.

I need them by ___ date, can I get them by then?

Simply email us or send us a text / WhatsApp message at: +1 (509)599-1945 and we'll get back to you on how fast we can get them to you.

Will you have a Black Friday (/other) sale?

We are currently offering these at our sale price. At the moment we don’t have any plans for a Black Friday price since we’re on razor thin margins (turns out starting a new product with low batch orders is hard).

We do have a program in the works for moms experiencing hardship / income restraints this season. Text / WhatsApp us and ask about our “No Cold Moms” program.

The good news - If you order today or pre-ordered no need to worry about missing out!

I see a pink pair - Do you have hot pink in stock?

We have a few remaining hot pink maternity snow pants in stock. We didn't put them on the color options as we have only a few remaining at the moment.

If you'd like to see if we have one in your size simply text / WhatsApp us at (509)599-1945 or email us at

What are other moms saying?

Thanks to those who have left reviews & planning to! We don’t have a lot of reviews atm since everyone just received their pairs recently and a lot of our users are busy but here’s some other quotes from moms of this year!

“Thanks for making this product!”

“Warm and super waterproof. Will keep you posted how it goes!”

“Planning to use at work”

“Good width”

“This is awesome”

"I work out on my family's farm, needed high quality snow pants."

  • ♨️ Bib-style for maximum protection

     Favorite-style by avid outdoor enthusiasts for warm and comfort in a variety of activities. 

    Our bib style makes it easy to fit for most women. No need to worry about extreme precision on pant sizing / them drooping / falling off mid-walk!

  • 💨 2-layer shell for warmth from the elements

    Waterproof and windproof protection as a top layer for your base layers.

    Our 100% polyester fabric is one of the most popular fabrics of choice for winter clothing as it locks in heat in colder temperatures. 
    It's also quicker to dry, durable, and resistant to mildew.
    And, much easier to wash and dry.

  • 🤰🏼ComfortSides Maternity x Postpartum Fit

    Expanding fit - Designed especially for pregnant and postpartum life. Our cotton ComfortFit Sides are designed to grow and hug your belly without feeling like you're in a girdle!

  • 🥾Powder Boot Gaiters

    For those who are doing sport activities or simply have large winter boots - we included boot gaiters than hug your winter boots so snow doesn't get in. Our personal must-have as leggings never did cut it in this department.

  • 👖Versatile design by and for moms

    Versatile enough to be worn for a variety of outdoor winter activities, from skiing and snowboarding postpartum to sledding and snowshoeing during your most nauseated days. They are designed to be both functional and fashionable, making them a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

  • 🌱High Quality Fabric

    Hand selected fabrics and tested in the USA 🇺🇸.
    Sourced and manufactured by our vetted industry partners with our local team in Asia. 🌏

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Charlotte Kettler
Love these!!

I am 5’5’’ and was a size S before I got pregnant (now at 23 weeks). Ordered a size Small of the Powder Pants and they fit PERFECTLY (with room for additional stomach stretch!).

So excited to get out in the snow with these. Will be recommending these to all my pregnant friends :)

Pants comfy but too long

I am 5’2 and ordered the small but they are way too long on me, and won’t stay up if I try to fold them up.

Hello [hiding name for privacy]!
So glad they're comfy but sorry that they're long!
We sent you our v2 version which has a little extra inseam. (We'll make sure we only send this version to taller women moving forward.)
Tested them with 5 different women who were similar height but totally understand that all women are different --especially as some use them with varying size boots.
We'll also reach out over email to see how we can make things right.
Definitely want them to work well for you!!

audrey matson
These Snowpants are Fabulous!!

When my very pregnant teacher daughter had to take a classful of young children sleding in an ill-fitting snowsuit that would't zip closed she came home sobbing! With a wet, cold belly. She insisted that she had done a deep-dive into the vast internet and that there was no such thing as snow pants for pregnant people. NOT SO!! I did my own dive and found powerpants! They arrived super quickly across country and she is thrilled with them!

Thanks so much for the review Audrey! Your story is so meaningful and we're so happy they worked for her!!

Rachel Sebastian
Bibs are great!

So thankful I found this shop! Had no clothes to wear outside in the snow and these have been perfect for outdoor activities, fitting over the bump - 33 weeks now! - and keeping me warm.

Fit is great and bibs as warm as they should

After looking for ages for a solution to be in the mountains and go in the snow with my kids, and finding absolutely nothing here in Europe, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Powder Pants. I wrote to them as I was unsure about sizing, usually having a big belly bump rather fast. I took M as the sizing corresponded to my pre pregnancy weight and it fits perfectly. They made sure to have it delivered before my husband was leaving the US. Today was a big snow day in Belgium and I was happy to play in the snow with my kids without having my belly out in the cold. Will try in the Alps in February but I’m going go there rather confident that at least I will be covered as I should and not just wearing yoga pants or jeans which is the only solution there seems to be here. Will definitely recommend !
Many thanks all the way from Belgium!

  • ✨✈️Free Shipping in the USA

    We pay extra for fast priority (usually 3 - 5 days via USPS - similar to Amazon Prime) shipping so you can get outside and be warm.

    Live in Canada? We have shipping discounts for you.

  • 🏆 Hassle-Free Exchanges + 30 Day Guarantee

    Need another size? No problem! Free exchanges.

    We aren't happy unless you're happy - We guarantee you'll enjoy using our snow pants and offer a 30-day money back guarantee for unused pants with original tags in place.