Maternity Snow Pants?! The Story of Powder Pants

❄️👖 The Story of Powder Pants: Maternity Snow Pants for winter mom activities

Powder Pants was founded several months after a frustrating 2 week straight search for maternity snow pants to prepare for trip to Tahoe. Previously I lived in a city with temperatures as low as -27* F and was so upset to find nothing made specifically with we pregnant women in mind.
"Do they expect us to just sit here for 9 months and do nothing*?!" I thought to myself...
*Not that I could even do much of anything the first half due to nausea, but I did want to at least attempt to walk outside.

So, after freezing my tail off in leggings and my husband's funky-sized snow pants, this idea started to come to life...
The pants you see here were designed with you in mind—

The expecting (or maybe already) mom - who isn’t just going to sit there and do yoga all day. (There seems to be an endless supply of maternity yoga pants... Which I appreciate, but also, after the third trimester, no way I was going to be in downward dog. Perhaps you can...)

Our team picked out the highest quality materials we could  given the specifications and requirements to ensuring that you stay warm, dry, and comfortable while out in the snow. They are also designed with your changing body in mind, providing a comfortable and flattering (or so we attempted) fit that adapts to your growing belly or postpartum body.

The folks who helped make these snow pants come to life includes experienced mothers who understand the challenges of finding the right clothing during pregnancy and postpartum, and we are committed to providing products that make this journey easier and more enjoyable. In between design discussions, we were discussing our babies, sleep deprivation, and other things that, which, if you're reading this and not into kids (I wasn't before having a kid), you might gag.

I could go on and on about how we landed upon these designs and such - but this isn't about us - It's about YOU! We look forward to helping you embrace motherhood while staying active and enjoying the great outdoors (with your bump / baby)!! 

Best wishes to you, your baby, and your family!

~Alice & The Powder Pants Team